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Day 6 | Sound Rocks

Day 2 | Studio Development

Unisex figure


Unisex Figure with greater sense of implied character


Studio | Sculptural element

Day 2 | Image / Narrative

Jane Eyre | Film 2011

Don’t Look Now | Film | Person as a Symbol / Image


Noun: Fearful apprehension; a feeling that something bad will happen.
Adjective: Implying or seeming to imply that something bad is going to happen.



Day 1 | Green Wood Stills | Row Boat Trip

La Jetee | Inspiration for proposed Video work to be made at I-Park

‘Forgetting is not an abandonment of the past, but permission to elaborate, to reconstruct differently, to mix up the syntax’ Janet Harbord of Chris Marker’s film La Jetee | 1962


Connecticut Residency 2011 |

Day 1 | August 2nd 2011

I-Park is a 450-acre woodland retreat in rural East Haddam, Connecticut. The property consists of ponds, hills, streams, stone outcroppings and sheer cliffs.

Residents are given well-lit, multi-purpose studios in a converted barn and in a series of cabin studios. The artists-in-residence program offers a quiet, retreat-like environment conducive to exploration and experimentation.

Poster Deisign / mono colour print

Poster design

Poster design